Park & Recreation Board

The Park and Recreation Advisory Board consists of nine members who are appointed by the Board of Commissioners.

The Park and Recreation Board was established for the purpose of reviewing and making recommendations to the Board of Commissioners and the Director of Parks and Recreation concerning the improvement, maintenance, and use of existing facilities; the acquisition and development of new facilities; the creation of new recreational programs; and the development of proposals with regard to the adequacy of Township Open Space.

Since its inception in 1983, the Park and Recreation Advisory Board has been instrumental in the development of several small park/playground areas in the Rexdale, Gwyneddeer and Sugar Valley sections of the Township and the expansion of the Township's Park and Recreation facilities and programs.

Board Members

Name Title
Rob Nagele Chairman
John S. Murray Vice Chairman
Kathleen Kane Johnson Secretary
Kathleen Dooley Member
Matthew Duardo Member
Amy Juarez Member
JR Roach Member
Michael L. Zumpino Member
Cory Lippert Member