Fire Marshal & Emergency Management

Twitter logoThe Township's Fire Marshal fulfills all of the responsibilities as described under the First Class Township Code and the Township's Fire Prevention Code. The responsibilities of the Fire Marshal include the inspection of facilities and structures to ensure that the requirement of the Townships Fire Code are met. The Fire

Marshal also performs fire scene investigations in order to determine the origin and cause of the incident. The Fire Marshal, from time to time, will conduct activities involving fire safety training. The person holding this position must obtain Fire Marshal credentials and is appointed as an Assistant to the State Police Fire Marshal, operating out of the Skippack Barracks.

The Emergency Management Coordinator organizes the Township's response to an emergency condition such as storm, flooding, hazmat events, and/or events that involve natural or unnatural disasters. The team that participates in this process includes potentially the Board of Commissioners, Township Manager, Chief of Police, Superintendent of Public Works, and other Township and regional participants that may be required. One of the primary responsibilities of the Emergency Management Coordinator is to maintain an updated Emergency Management Plan. The Emergency Management Coordinator is appointed by the Governor's Office of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and before receiving such an appointment he must obtain certification in Emergency Management Planning.

Jeffrey A. Tomczak, Fire Marshal

Jeffrey A. TomczakJeff is a native of Upper Gwynedd Township and his desire to help others led him to a life of Public Service.  Joining the Upper Gwynedd Township Fire Company at the young age of 16 in 1996, Jeff began his time in the volunteer fire service as a junior firefighter. Throughout his tenure, Jeff was an officer with the company for ten years, attaining the rank of Deputy Chief. With 23 years active, he still serves the Fire Company today.

Upon graduating high school in 1997, Jeff entered the United States Military and in 2000 he graduated from the Department of Defense Fire Academy located in Texas.  Jeff is a Veteran of both Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom, serving 3 tours of duty overseas. He is currently a member of the 177th Fighter Wing, New Jersey Air National Guard, located in Atlantic City and serves as an a Assistant Fire Chief. Jeff was an emergency dispatcher for Montgomery County and spent four years on the phones and radios supporting the First Responders in the field.

In 2005 Jeff accepted a position as a career firefighter with the Department of Defense where he obtained training in and carried out many fire and safety inspections. In early 2010 Jeff was hired by his current full-time employer, the City of Allentown, where he is also a Fire Marshal.  Jeff is also a member of the Technical Rescue Team and Hazardous Material Team in Allentown.

Jeff is PEMA certified Emergency Manager and continues his professional development education in order to stay proactive and proficient in all aspects of his duties. Jeff is also a Certified Fire & Explosion Investigator (CFEI).

Jeff is pursuing his degree in fire science. All combined he has over 2,300 hours of fire, medical, emergency management, and rescue training.

Jeff likes to spend time with his family. He enjoys the beach, sport shooting, scuba diving and is an avid Phillies fan.

Emergency Preparedness

ReadyNotifyPA is the Citizens Warning System for Montgomery County. This system helps local officials in Southeastern Pennsylvania send emergency text alerts and other important notifications to you quickly. ReadyNotifyPA can send these to your cell phone, Landline, work or personal email address. You can decide how you would like to be notified!

Montco Ready Link

The following information has been provided by the Montgomery County Department of Public Safety.

In response to national news media broadcasts, the Department of Public Safety is issuing this fact sheet for use in providing consistent information to the public.

Prior to the event:

  1. Prepare a family disaster kit. This should include cash, water and food for at least 72 hours. Water quantity stored should be one (1) gallon/person/day. Also include personal items, medicines and flashlights.
  2. Plan a family point of contact, including phone numbers and a meeting place.
  3. Make sure you have a working battery operated radio. Monitor KYW for up to date information.
  4. This preparation is essentially the same as all households should do prior to severe weather situations.

If a major event / attack occurs

  1. Immediately go inside.
  2. Close and lock doors and windows.
  3. Turn off HVAC and appliances.
  4. Go to a small interior room.
  5. Seal off openings, doors, windows, fireplace, etc. with plastic and duct tape. Use wet towels at the bottom of doors.
  6. Monitor KYW Radio 1060 for instructions


  1. There are no longer "fallout shelters". The current plan is for "sheltering in a place".
  2. In the event that the Governor orders areas to be evacuated, the American Red Cross will open shelters for those who need a place to stay. This information will be provided via KYW.
  3. For additional information, see the Montgomery County Public Safety web site at or contact the Office of Emergency Preparedness at 610-631-6530.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Jeffrey A. Tomczak Fire Marshal (610) 721-6784