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Walters Group/1500 Pennbrook Parkway
Please see the information below from the Walters Group, who have requested a zoning text amendment from the Board of Commissioners in order to build 60 apartments in the Limited Industrial district on Pennbrook Parkway. 

Developer Presentation to Board of Commissioners- April 10, 2023

Developer/Resident Meeting Presentation- April 17, 2023

Police Chief Memo- dated April 17, 2023- Police information regarding Walters Group Properties 

Planning Commission Presentation- June 14, 2023

Walter's Group Response to the Planning Commission- June 26, 2023

Board of Commissioners Ordinances Hearing- August 22, 2023

PHFA 2022 Rent & Income limits: https://www.phfa.org/forms/housing_management/tax_credits/rent_and_income_limits/2022_mtxr041.pdf

If you would like to learn more about this project, you can watch the developer’s first presentation to the Board of Commissioners here: https://www.uppergwynedd.org/home/news/board-commissioners-april-10-2023...

The applicant filed a request for Zoning Text and Map amendment which was processed in accordance with our Municipal Code, and Municipalities Planning Code. The application went before the Planning Commission on June 14, 2023 & July 12, 2023. The Planning Commission recommended approval of the Text & Map Amendment at their July 12, 2023 meeting. A Public hearing was subsequently scheduled before the Board of Commissioners on August 22, 2023. At this hearing, the Commissioners voted to approve the Zoning Text Amendment. The minutes to this hearing can be found here:  https://www.uppergwynedd.org/sites/g/files/vyhlif1351/f/minutes/august_2....

The next step in the process will be initiated when the developer files a Land Development and a required Conditional Use application. This application will also be processed in accordance with our Municipal Code, and Municipalities Planning Code. The Township's Land Development process can be found explained here: https://www.uppergwynedd.org/code-enforcementbuilding-zoning/pages/subdi... Land Development process also includes public meetings before the Planning Commission and Board of Commissioners. The Conditional Use Hearing(s) are also typically held at the same time that any Land Development decisions would be made. All of our agendas and minutes are posted online and you can sign up on our website to make sure you don’t miss this information using this link https://www.uppergwynedd.org/subscribe.  The Township is committed to keeping our residents informed as this application moves through the process.

1500 Pennbrook Parkway Site