Updated Governor's Orders

Governor Wolf has issued a Stay at Home order beginning this evening at 8 pm for Montgomery County as well as 6 other counties in the Commonwealth for the next two weeks.  This is different from the order that he issued in previous days.  This order states that you should stay at home unless you need to leave your home in order to sustain life.  A few examples of sustaining life are to grocery shop, go to the pharmacy, the doctors office or a hospital.  Do not travel in groups, please go to the grocery store alone to prevent crowding and limit personal interactions.  Continue to practice social distancing and all of the same hygiene practices that have now become common place to us during this time (frequent hand washing, cleaning surfaces, etc.).  If you have additional questions about this order you can read the full release here: https://www.governor.pa.gov/newsroom/governor-wolf-and-health-secretary-issue-stay-at-home-orders-to-7-counties-to-mitigate-spread-of-covid-19/

Please help to flatten the curve by listening to this order and complying.  We are all in this together and recognize that it is a significant change for all of us and the way that we live and interact.  Additional resources can be found at https://data-montcopa.opendata.arcgis.com/pages/covid-19

Be well UGT!