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Prescribed Burn at Gwynedd Wildlife Preserve

A prescribed burn will be conducted today (Thursday March 28, 2019) on the meadows of the Upper Gwynedd portion of the 279 acre Gwynedd Wildlife Preserve. The goal of the burn is to control invasive plant species such as Multiflora rose, Japanese honeysuckle, crabapple, and Canada thistle, while encouraging native grasses and wildflowers.

A prescribed burn is a controlled application of fire to natural fuels under appropriate weather conditions, fuel moisture, and soil moisture conditions. This will confine the fire to a predetermined area and at the same time, will produce the intensity of heat and rate of spread required to accomplish our goals.

This is done with the coordination of the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources. Those residents that reside in the general vicinity of the Preserve have been notified. All burning should be complete by 4:00PM today.

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