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At the December 18, 2017 meeting of the Upper Gwynedd Township Board of Commissioners, long-time Township Manager, Len Perrone, announced his retirement. In October of 2017, Mr. Perrone notified the Township Board of Commissioners of his intention to retire in October 2018 but expressed a willingness to accommodate the Township to agree to an earlier retirement date.  The Township Board of Commissioners and Mr. Perrone have agreed to an earlier retirement date. Pursuant to the terms of a Separation Agreement, Mr. Perrone will end his 28 years as Township Manager of Upper Gwynedd Township on December 29, 2017.  The Board commended Mr. Perrone for his dedication, leadership and many accomplishments that were achieved during his many years as manager. Assistant Township Manager, Michael Lapinski, will assume the responsibilities previously held by Mr. Perrone.

Mr. Perrone began his career as an assistant to the Borough Manager of Lansdale in 1977.  He became manager of the borough of Hatfield in 1979, serving the Borough for 10 years. He was appointed to the position of Township Manager in Upper Gwynedd in September 1989.  Mr. Perrone ends a 40-year career in municipal management.


Following the approval of the agreement, Mr. Perrone read the following prepared statement:

I first want to thank the Board of Commissioners for the support and confidence that they have extended to me over these last 28 years.  It has been an honor to work with an elected Board that was motivated always to simply do the right thing for the betterment of this Twp.

I want to thank the residents of Upper Gwynedd for their confidence over the years.  I am very appreciative of all the phone calls, letters and e-mail thanking me for the service I or the Township provided.  Those expressions of thanks were and will always be VERY meaningful to me.

I want to thank each and every member of the Township staff for their dedication and commitment to performing their jobs in a competent and professional manner.  I am proud of what we have accomplished over the years. I know that as I move on, all of you will continue to serve this Township in an exemplary manner. You are ALL the best that any Manager could ask for.  THANK YOU !

Finally, I want to thank my wonderful wife Bonnie and our children Andrea and Jeffrey for their support over these many years.  I apologize for any of those moments when it might have appeared that work came first.

I am so proud of the things that this Township has accomplished over the past 28 years.  We have:

1. Built Roads and Bridges and in doing so we have corrected long standing traffic issues. Some of which existed for nearly a century

2. We have even RELOCATED several of roads. Including having served as the driving force behind the relocation of an intersection that is NOT even in our township, the North Wales Rd. and Morris Rd. intersection realignment.

3. We have transformed our Waste Water Treatment Plant into one of the most technically advanced plants of its size in Pennsylvania.

4. We created a Park and Recreation Department that grew from non- existent to a department that provides high quality and award- winning facilities and programs to our residents.

5. We have developed partnerships with our business community.  These partnerships have done what all partnerships should do, that is, to serve to the benefit of both partners.   We have helped to create a business environment that has helped to support literally thousands of people and families through high quality employment opportunities resulting in the improvement of the quality life in our township and region.  I would particularly like to thank our partners at MERCK.     

6. We have been the leaders in the improving our environment through the many projects that we have built at our Waste Water treatment Plant, our MS-4 initiatives and through our open space protection initiatives.

7. We expanded and improved the Township Building to better meet the needs of our residents.

8. We expanded and improved our Public Works Department facilities and in doing so gave our Public Works Department the ability to better serve our residents.

9. We developed this site (Parkside Place) into a wonderfully beautiful and diverse community center

10. Finally, I leave behind a Twp. that is financially solid.

I am confident and proud to say that I was here during the most productive 28 years of the Townships 117 year history. 

The above short list reminds me of the very reasons why I chose a career in local government.  Having chosen to pursue my Graduate studies at The American University in Washington, DC, I was exposed to governmental management on all levels.  I chose local government because I wanted to experience first -hand the impact that my work had on improving the quality of human life.  I wanted to touch and feel the fruit of my work.   Looking back on the past 40 years, all I can say is “it felt good”.

Once again, THANK YOU and I wish the absolute best for this Township.



Len Perrone


Pictured L to R, Township Manager, Len Perrone, Commissioner Thomas Duffy, Commissioner James Santi, Commissioner Clare Edelmayer (Vice-President), Commissioner Steven Sands, Commissioner Kenneth Kroberger (President), Rep. Kate Harper

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