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Mosquito Awareness

We are in the prime months of mosquito population throughout Montgomery County, so please do what you can to limit them and bites. Here are a few tips when enjoying the outdoors: 

Cover Up - When venturing to prime mosquito areas, cover as much skin as possible to prevent mosquito bites. 

Adjust Activities -  Mosquitoes prefer high humidity and low wind so adjust times when possible to avoid bites. 

Clean Up -  Any place with water standing longer than five days becomes a perfect place for mosquitoes to breed.  Keep trash bins closed, change water in bird baths or fountains regularly and cover children’s toys that will gather water. 

Use Repellents - There are many repellents, natural and chemical, to keep mosquitoes away. 


*The Montgomery County Health Department tracks and shares information on mosquito populations within the County.  For more information on how Montgomery County is monitoring the mosquito population and further tips on prevention please visit their website at http://www.montcopa.org/562/West-Nile-Virus.  

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