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Open Space

Quiet relaxation or active recreation - enjoy it all!

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Upper Gwynedd's open space provides a variety of environmental benefits including protection of water resources, preservation of biodiversity and wildlife habitats, creation of greenways,and support of recreational opportunities.  There are over 500 acres of open space, both passive and active, within the Township.  Different forms of open space serve valuable habitat, recreational and natural water management functions.

The Gwynedd Wildlife Preserve on Swedesford Road and Green Ribbon Trail along the Wissahickon Creek provide opportunities to experience the quiet beauty of nature, while our parks provide active areas for play and recreation. 

Protected Open Space

Protected open space in Upper Gwynedd Township includes the following:

  1. All the Upper Gwynedd Township parkland and open space land
  2. The Borough of Lansdale's Whites Road Park which is located in Upper Gwynedd Township
  3. The Gwynedd Wildlife Preserve
  4. Land along the Wissahickon Creek owned by the Wissahickon Valley Watershed Association (WVWA)

Protected Open Space in Upper Gwynedd Township

LandArea (acres)Use
Upper Gwynedd Parkland 121.5 Active Open Space
Upper Gwynedd Open Space 149.5 Passive Open Space
Lansdale's Whites Road Park 33 Active Open Space
Gwynedd Wildlife Preserve 234 Nature Preserve
WVWA Lands 49 Nature Preserve
Total 587

Inventory of Upper Gwynedd Township Parks and Open Space

Gwynedd Square Estates 0.8
Sturbridge Lake 0.7
Stoney Creek Avenue 6.0
Beth Drive 1.0
Beth Drive 1.0
Jackson Street 0.8
Jackson Street 0.4
Dickerson Road 5.5
Mill Road 2.0
State Street 0.4
Brookwood Lane 3.5
Carmichael Drive (basin) 1.5
North Wales Road 7.7
Swedesford Road 20.0
Cardinal Hollow 18.6
Old Church Road (basin) 1.4
Harper Lane 5.3
Parkside Place Complex (park) 102.5
Acorn Basin 1.4
Collins Avenue 2.8
Hartley Drive 0.5
Lauchman (Dructor) WVWA 2.6
Whittaker Park (playground/open space) 4.3
Morris Road/Eagle Lane 2.9
Eva Drive 4.0
Morris Road (basin/open space) 0.3
Whittaker Road Park (playground) 0.3
West Point Park (playground) 2.1
Sullivan Drive 5.1
Crest Road 6.7
Flintlock Drive 13.0
Conwauy/Stirling 4.1
Garfield Avenue (playground/open space) 7.6
Stirling/Flintlock 9.6
Ivy Lane (playground/open space) 9.2
Sweetbriar (basin) 2.3
Forrest Drive Open Space 9.5
Total Acreage 267.4





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